Blossom is a bunny, one of Peony's stuffed animals. She lives in The Shire.

Official Build-a-Bear Bio

"Creativity and style must run in the family because Blossom Bunny is a florist with flair! She owns her beary own flower shop in Happywood, California. The business is a blooming success because she's never afraid to throw her ears back and find the pawfect flower for her arrangements, which she gives to anyone in need of a smile.

Pawlette Coufur asked Blossom Bunny to give Build-a-Bear Workshop and a touch of floral to liven things up for spring! So in she hip-hop-hopped spreading flowers and good cheer everywhere. (And rumor has it that you can feel the warm glow of the California sun when you hug her.)"


Blossom is a stuffed bunny with white fur with mulitcolored flowers on it. She has long, floppy ears, a white muzzle and a pink nose and mouth. Her eyes are a warm brown.

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