Candy is a dalmatian dog who lives in Prinimal.


Candy is white all over with a black nose, smile, ears, tail, and a spot over her left eye. She has smaller spots all over her, except for her muzzle, like a normal dalmatian. She's really pretty.


Candy's really funny and can always make people laugh, even when they're feeling down. She's always happy and always likes to join in the fun. She's always dreamed of having her own company. It's going to be a theatre group, and they will go around and make people laugh with their funny comedies. But right now she's just putting on little one person shows for her family and friends.

Skills and Abilities


Candy always entered all the theatre groups in her school when she was just a little pup. Her teacher said she was really good, and always got better every year. She's great at doing funny part, but also happy, sad, and very scary parts. Acting is her whole life. Her favourite thing about it is dressing up in all the different costumes. She even wrote some plays, though she's never tried them yet.



Lucky is Candy's son. He is very naughty and always gets into trouble. He always escapes off somewhere and it's very hard to keep him under control. Candy can hardly have a break.


Angel is always telling Candy that she should join the circus and be a clown — they always need more clowns. But Candy always refuses, saying she would rather be in acting and play lots of different kinds of parts than always be funny.

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