Cuddletown is a small town located in Oregon, near Estacada. Over the years, it has changed a lot and become more and more fortified. For the longest time, it has been the home of both Heather's and Tuff's stuffed animals, but just lately most of Tuff's stuffed animals have moved to Tinytown, though some still stayed in Cuddletown.


Appearance and places

In the Northern corner of the town is the Big House, the main home of most of the stuffed animals. This is up on huge posts, with the Dogs' house beneath. Next to the Big House is an apartment building, though not all of them are occupied. On the southern wall is another apartment building, and near that is the Travelers' house.


Cuddletown has... quite the history. but I will write this later, once I've summed it all up in my head. ;)

In our universe

In our universe, Cuddletown is my room. The Big House is my loft bed, and there are several homes in my dresser and under my bed. Tuff's bed used to be the S House, but he just moved out to his own room, Tinytown.

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