Deyna M'Kethe

aka Kroova

  • I live in Cuddletown, usually
  • I was born on September 4
  • My occupation is Awesomeness
  • I am Boy, duhhh

Me, Awesomness

I'm Deyna, also known as Deyna the Dagger, Deyna the Deadly, Deyna the Dangerous, Kroova Wavedog, Terror of the Seas and Land, Ding-Dong, Knothead, and a bazillion other names, most of which I won't repeat here because they're pretty nasty. And no, I am NOT an alternate account made by Heather. I don't know why you even thought that.

My favorite page

Favorite music

Rachel Platten

Lindsey Stirling



RW music

Owl City


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