Just little story-snippet things I sometimes write, featuring any of my stuffed animals, some I made up myself, and many are inspired by writing prompts I find online. :)


Arthur groaned as he picked up his phone. “Deyna, why are you calling me at three a.m.?”

“Arthur, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.” Deyna's voice said into his ear.

“What’s the bad news?” Arthur shoved his hair out of his face.

Deyna sounded hesitant. “Well, I did some pretty dumb, reckless things and ended up in jail at the holt.”

Nothing new. Arthur flopped back onto his pillow. “And the good news is...?”

There was laughter in Deyna's voice as he replied, “Well, I didn’t die, so I’d call that pretty good.”

Arthur didn't even bother to answer before turning off his phone, slamming it onto the bedside table, and rolling over with the covers over his head.

Robbie and Roland

"If you don't apologize, I'm going to tell Mom." growled Robbie.

"Oh, please.” Roland rolled his eyes dramatically. “I'm an adult. I can do what I want."

"Ok…” his twin grinned, cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting, “Mom!"

"No wait!” Roland grabbed his arm. “I'm sorry!"

Robbie smirked triumphantly, until a punch from his brother wiped it off his face.

Jumping through the Window

“Lesson learned,” moaned Deyna. “I’ll stop trying to enter through the window.”

Dagur looked about to break out into a laugh. “Why would you even try that in the first place?”

The rogue otter held his injured arm mournfully. “It looked cool.”

Arthur shook his head. “And I suppose you think the broken window looks cool, too?”

Deyna didn’t answer, just groaned and limped out of the room.

Annoyed Arthur

Arthur sighed, rubbing his snout with one paw. "Have you ever been so annoyed with someone to the point where you could just punch them?"

Deyna grinned reminiscently. "Oh, yeah. Plenny."

Arthur raised his eyebrows, clenching a fist. "Well then, you should probably move."

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