Okay, here I am going to explain a few terms and things we use when playing with stuffed animals. :)

Air stuffed animal - This means that we do not actually have a stuffed animal who is this character, we just pretend they are there. They do have stuffed animal abilities, though, like not being able to die. Jazz is an example. I don't actually have a black stuffed animal fox, I just made the character up, but she is still a stuffed animal, because she is unable to die.

Air character - A character who is not a stuffed animal at all, usually these are the bad guys, so we can kill them, y'know. (don't ask why we call them "air", I really don't know. We just always have. XD)

"Die" - When we put the word die in quotation marks, that means that they are as close to dying as a stuffed animal can get, so this terms in only used for stuffed animals.

IOU - stands for 'In our universe'. Usually explaining how we got the stuffed animal.

Bean bag - an animal who is stuffed with sand, beans, pellets, or something other than normal soft stuffing.

Foam animal - an animal who is made of fun foam, however weird that might sound. We usually make them to use as kids for stuffed animals who get married. I have no idea why we use foam, we just always have. ;P

Hard animal - an animal who is not technically a stuffed animal, but a plastic or rubber animal. This term can go for the stretchy rubber ones too.

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